We provide a healthy lunch and snacks with juice, milk or water. Below is a sample of what we might provide:


  • • Wholemeal toast with selection of toppings
  • • Selection of healthy breakfast cereal
  • • Boiled eggs and soldiers
  • • Warm porridge made with almond milk and served with blueberries 
  • • Fresh fruit 
  • • Scrambled eggs on toast 

Morning and Afternoon Snacks: Raisins or fresh fruit or biscuit

Lunch (choice of):

  • • Roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, carrots and broccoli 
  • • Roasted vegetable lasagne
  • • Moroccan lamb tagine served with cous cous 
  • • Butternut squash and kale risotto 
  • • Creamy fish pie served with green beans and carrots 
  • • Italian meatballs in homemade tomato sauce with pasta shapes 
  • • Baked salmon, steamed new potatoes and sugar snap peas
  • • Cottage pie with sweet potato topping served with cauliflower
  • • Slow cooker Quinoa and vegetable stew
  • • Roast chicken, stuffing, mashed swede and Savoy cabbage
  • • Chicken noodle stir fry 
  • • Fruity chicken curry served with homemade flatbreads 
  • • Home made pizza with a selection of toppings. 

Tea (choice of):

  • • Selection of homemade muffins: cheese and ham, carrot and cheese, courgette and sweet potato 
  • • Selection of finger sandwiches on wholemeal bread: 
  • • Cream cheese, ham, smoked salmon, egg mayonnaise, tuna and sweet corn. 
  • • Selection of toasted sandwiches on wholemeal bread 
  • • Homemade hearty soups with fresh baked bread rolls 
  • • cheese and crackers

Dessert (served with both lunch and tea):

  • • Yogurt, Fruit, Jelly, homemade biscuits, cake, flapjack, ice-cream, ice lollies

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